Our products

Two 40g fruit bars, full of natural flavour, and nothing else! We’re happy to show that a few ingredients, grown organically for the good of the earth, and with fairtrade principals for the good of the people, can provide a delicious snack.

Fairground products are all about the ingredients. Because we only buy from fairtrade certified projects, we know where they come from, and because we use only organic, the natural flavours are what you taste.

Apricot with almonds

Dates, Apricots 25%, Almonds 24.5%

Mango with cashew nuts

Dates, Cashew Nuts 24%, Dried Mango 20%


The Deglet Nour type of dates used in fairground bars come from growers in South Tunisia, on the northern edge of the Sahara. Working in cooperatives they manage the scarce water to allow each farmer to be supplied in rotation. Receiving stable and fair prices for the dates gives the families better long term prospects.

dates on a palm tree
man with palm tree dates

Almonds, Apricots

Come from the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan and are bought from a Farmers Association which has over 6000 farmers organised into more than 110 farming groups. The fruit and nut trees are irrigated by glacial meltwater from the Karakorum and Himalayan Mountains. Over the years Fairtrade premiums have been spent by the Farmers Association on books for community schools, a new playground, a generator, sewing machines and many other things.

moonfruit on a moonfruit tree
lady sorting moon fruit

Cashews, Dried Mango

Bought from rural cooperatives in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and provide three fold benefits. The farmers receive a fair price, the women get paid employment from the processing, and the Fairtrade social premium benefits the whole community. Adult literacy, new water sources, bicycles and cereal banks are among the projects funded by the cooperatives from the social premium.

girl with cashews
men harvesting fruit from a tree


Nutritional Information


Apricot with almonds

Nutritionals                            per 100g                          per bar
Energy KJ/Kcal                      1590/379                         636/152
Total Fat                                         15.0g                                6.0g
(of which saturates)                   1.7g                                   0.7g
Carbohydrate                               52.0g                               20.8g
(of which sugars*)                       40.5g                                16.2g
Fibre                                                 4.4g                                   1.7g
Protein                                             6.7g                                   2.7g
Salt                                                  0.06g                                 0.02g

*naturally occuring sugars


Mango with cashew nuts


Nutritionals                            per 100g                          per bar
Energy KJ/Kcal                      1601/381                         641/152
Total Fat                                        12.3g                               4.9g
(of which saturates)                    4.6g                                 1.8g
Carbohydrate                               59.2g                             23.7g
(of which sugars*)                      44.2g                               17.7g
Fibre                                                 3.8g                                 1.5g
Protein                                             6.4g                                 2.6g
Salt                                                 0.04g                               0.02g

*naturally occuring sugars